How does a 6 RuggedPOD field will behave ?

How does a 6 RuggedPOD field will behave ?

RuggedPOD is designed to be scalable. This is why it is key to determine how it will work in cluster mode.

The team has been able to successfully run a Thermal simulation of 6 RuggedPOD into a field. Thanks to Horizon for providing us access to there Flotherm license to run such computation. The key thing is that no specific interaction appears while the POD are aligned with a 50 cm distance. Each of the POD is 1kW fully loaded. The simulation is performed with 35 C degrees ambiant, and each POD stands 1 m from the ground.

Our next step is to simulate a 3×3 mesh, then a 4×3 and ideally a 4×4 if we do have enough memory on our system. You can see on the following video how heat is exhausted on top of the POD. Heat goes up to 2.5m before being mixed with fresh air.

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  1. Cool!

    Was the 50cm computed? In other words what is the minimal distance so that “no specific interaction appears”? 50cm or less?

    Other question, what is the “altitude” (distance to the top of the pods) at which temperature is back to 35°? Around 150cm on top of the PODs?

  2. 50cm was not computed, the result is based currently on “gambling” which is not good but we have been lucky on this. In fact going smaller to 50 cm seems to me difficult to implement in real life, as we still need to have some support engineers to be able to move around the field for maintenance.
    Yes the air, stay “hot” at least during 1.5 m. But the current simulations are performed without any winds, which doesn’t seems to exist in real life, except in very particular areas. So this needs some better setup. I will setup the model to run with 4×3 tomorrow and try to run a computation, but our system was not available overnight :( .


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