First #RuggedPOD result from #Enter at @coworkinglogin

First #RuggedPOD result from #Enter at @coworkinglogin

Enter engineers just sent us a thermal picture of there POD running a production workload exercise. The POD includes 3 fully loaded motherboards, is running outdoor and thermal answer is quite good for the current conditions in Milano.

Ambiant temp is about 33 C, thermal walls of the POD are around 50 C, while oil is between 55 to 60 C, and CPU’s are running at a 65 C degrees well bellow there max Tj which is set to 97 C.

The current configuration is not running in optimal situation as the POD is closed to a wall ( green area at the back ), and it doesn’t include a 50 cm stands which help drastically the natural convection. It is positioned in a non windy area.

These first results are really promising, even if there is still a long path to achieve, that is a first major step !

Thanks to the team, and Enter who is helping us a lot within this exercise.

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  1. Great results!
    Nice picture!


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