Solar-powered #RuggedPOD

Hi all,
okay, ruggedpod is outstanding because it can run outside in every condition, but what if it could also be electrically independent ?

The idea of a self-sufficient Datacenter is more than alluring and a lot of projects are center above.
As RuggedPOD doesn’t need powerfull cooling system and dehumidifiers, all the power injected in the POD is used by the POD (PUE of 1), so we are not disavantaged by external needs.

If you take a look at this map, you’ll see that there is a lot of locations on earth able to provide 5 to 7.5 kWh/m2 :


Current RuggedPOD is designed to support up to 1kW, and function of the use, it will use all the power during very short times.
In fact its consumption should be around 40 to 50% most of the time.
In theory we could power a pod POD 24 hours a day, storing the overflow of energy during the day in batteries and use it during the night, using a 6m2 solar pannel of 1kW.
Of course it means that the panel is always correctly oriented to the sun and the best orientation for a solar panel is when its surface is perpendicular to sunbeams.
To allow that we need an automatic sun tracking system that will guide the panels in a good position.

I have found a page on internet telling how to do a simple solar tracker, describing software, electrical and mechanical idea:

We are reaaly thinking about this, don’t be shy to share idea and your feeling about this !


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