A new #RuggedPOD is coming up

A new #RuggedPOD is coming up

An improved RuggedPOD is coming up in silicon valley. Following the release of the new drawing, we decided to launch the production of a new unit, and I came in the US last week to sustain the birth of this new release. We succesfully fixed a couple of issues including a welding problem coming from issues within the die casting process. We can thanks FTB from Lyon in France for the hard work achieved especially Marc. The new panels are easy to weld and our friends from Wolfe Engineering (StackVelocity) really appreciated the improvement.

We also have a new gasket and flange design. The whole electronic equipment can be removed from the POD much more easily and this will simplify the assembly process of the units. We also increased the thickness of the O-Ring to sustain better vacuum.

Stay tune for our testing results tomorrow, where we will try to reach deep vacuum, and multiple vacuum cycles tests. This POD will have a short life as we will see if we will destroy it following cycle vacuum testing or not. It has to be done.

Thanks to the team, Solofo, Max, JJ, Farshia for there hard work on this release. Thanks to Horizon Computing Solutions, who is providing the sponsorship to produce this unit.

Special thanks to Mike who had a crazy day today to produce the flange, and Rick who is supporting me for a week now. He should be bored of the french guy sitting closed to his desk. I am quite sad about the events which happened last friday in Paris, but can share the support that the american people are bringing us in these tough moments. Hopefully (if I can use this word), the whole RuggedPOD team is safe (as most of it is living closed to Paris).


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