Cycle testing a #RuggedPOD

Cycle testing a #RuggedPOD

Testing of latest RuggedPOD is still ongoing and latest results are very promising. We now have cycled the POD with many vacuum and pressure released tests. We have identified a small leak using Helium testing (we move a probe which is dissipating helium in air. This is a very volatile gaz which is directly catch up within the POD in case of leak due to pressure difference. Helium is then quickly catch up by the pumping system where a detection probe is present and start a trigger in case of detection, this is one of the most efficient leakage test) and we fixed it.

Our first pass of the bottom part welding has been done with an external weld, which ended up with the bottom plate weld in direct contact with the standing table. This has demonstrate some limitations on flatness, and we sand it to get it back to a flat surface creating some cranking which induced leakage. We weld back this part from the inside fixing all the issues.

We now have POD which are able to:

  • Sustain x10 vacuum cycles without any failure
  • Sustain 0.3 mBar internal pressure for hours without failure
  • Sustain Helium tests without any detectable leakage

This is a great achievement into this Open Hardware program.




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