Integrating a #RuggedPOD into a 4G Antenna system

Integrating a #RuggedPOD into a 4G Antenna system

We posted a couple of days ago some use cases within the Telecom. One which is very promising is the capability that RuggedPOD has to deliver extremely low latency services and low cost for 4G network deployment. Some of you came back to us with integration concerns and we started to sketchup some implementation plan. One of the option is to integrate the POD withing the structure of the antennas support and use the die casting properly to seal it. This has majors benefit. The POD will be protected against thief, could be located at 1 or 2 m from the ground, bringing him the benefit to use wind to cool it down. We are also thinking at implementing a wind generator at the top coupled with 3 optionnal solar panels standing on the antenna support to shade the POD and produce the necessary energy to power the system 24 hours a day. With a single board and Amarisoft software like mentionned on Horizon website we can generate one of the most cost effective 4G network stack helping billions of people to get Internet access. We would like to go further on these studies, so if you wish to sponsor us, just get in touch with the team ! We will for sure run the studies, but we will need some help to cover prototyping cost or creation. Stay tune for further development or progress

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