Building an Open Telco tower …

Building an Open Telco tower …

RuggedPOD as being an outdoor micro datacenter can host various electronic equipment in extreme conditions including server motherboards, amplifiers or RF filters. One of the use case identified by the team is associated to Telecom market, where expansion of wireless network with 4G/LTE might be a significant step forward to lower the gap between low income countries and western country to get access to the internet.

Telco is a traditionnal low innovation speed adoption market, with pure proprietary hardware which cost a huge amount of money. Associated to a POD we believe that an Open Tower, easy to install and deploy might accelerate Internet adoption and spread. We are working now on such development, and hope to get some early proto within the next couple of weeks. Stay tune, join the team if you wish to participate to such challenge.

The fully assembled tower must be able to sustain the following conditions:

- Temperature range: -40 C / + 50 C
- Humidity level: 0 – 100% level with condensing
- Altitude: 0 – 4000 m
- Lighting/Thunder/hail protection
- Max winds: 120 km/h
- Sun exposure: Full
- Winter conditions: Snow/icy rain. Ice and Snow weight shouldn’t jeopardize structural condition.
- Wildlife protection

We aim to release the full schematic, drawing and tooling needed to produce the tower under OCP license as to get as many suppliers willing to produce such piece of hardware.

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