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This concept is perhaps the winning one, as it is strong, scalable and can use plenty of various raw material, even a mix of them, like concrete, wood, or galvanized steel.

We believe that using a spiral stairway as a “building” core is a good approach to keep maintenance people in safe conditions without having to¬†climb under hazard. The vertical beams are bringing the require strength and under windy condition they stay aligned with the attached stairs. They could be re-enforced with circular beams in 90 degres position.

The stair shape will create a vertical vortex which can lower over pressure conditions at the central mast that has a cylindrical shape under heavy winds.

We still have a lot of work to validate this concept, but with a top platform where we can stick the POD, amplifiers and Antennas we might have a very efficient solution regarding radio, as everything will be closed to each other. The ratio is 3m diameter for 24m height about 1/8, which is in the range of skycrapers.

What we like:

  • Based on repetitive building blocks that can be produced locally
  • Can be assembled using various raw materials depending on availability and local cost
  • Should be cost effective due to the building block approach and material choice

What we dislike:

  • Assembly time could be long
  • The structure might be heavy
  • Foundation could be a challenge

We need your feedback on this concept, we believe into it, and will start running mechanical design and structural validation during the week-end ! Feel free to ping us ;)

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1 Comment

  1. Good job!
    Nice to be able to follow the evolution of the concept.
    Stairs make me think of a lighthouse (wind resistant!).
    Ropes can be used to strengthen the structure, but may be less appealing visually and need more ground space.
    Anyway, a 24m radius circle on the ground is needed for security, right?


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