Welcome to the new backplane

Welcome to the new backplane

What’s up with the backplane?

We are currently designing a new version of the backplane. We are doing those change in order to have more space in the POD, using less cables , more power and being more self-efficient doing our own products.

Our first change is our power supply. We were using a 24V 600W power supply but we will now use a self-designed power supply board which will provide 28V 500W. We can use two boards at the same time which mean that we can reach 1000W of power. We want those boards to be pluggable directly on the backplane so that we do not need extra cables except the internal power cable.

Second change is to implement two DC/DC to have 5V and 12V directly on the backplane so that we do not need to use the actual DC/DC D2D to have those voltages. Doing it, we will not have to use cables to connect DC/DC to the backplane since they will already be on it.

Third and main change is that we won’t use the Cisco switch and Raspberry Pi2 since we will design our own one. We will implement switch 88E6390X on the backplane, connected with a 10G Phy 88X3310. The switch will also be connected with a processor Armada A385 with a 2Go ECC DDR3 memory. A flashSPI will be added so that we can boot any os we want. With all those change we will have much more space in the POD and we will have less cable to use which will improve thermal dissipation inside. We will have two I2C to UART interface which will provide us 4 UART connected to the serial port level shifter. This will give us one UART per blade so we can easily manage them.

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