First immersion, we finally plounge a board inside oil !

Hi all,

After managed to seal the tank, we finally filled it with mineral oil, then plunged a motherboard Inside!

We used a 35W processor for the moment, with 1 Go RAM memory. The whole package represents about 45W TDP.
After 1Hour running wIth 100% CPU and 100% memory used, the CPU temperature is about 51°C (for connoiseurs, we use OCCT), ambient temp is 25°C .

After 4 Days, 24 hours a day, the CPU temperature is 64 °C and oil temperature is 42.25°C.
Oil temperature tends to stabilize, this means that we’re closed from CPU balance temperature.

After a week of non-stop operation, CPU temp is 65°C, oil temperature is 42.25°C.
The temperature of the oil appears to be stabilized. Next step is to mount fins outside the casing.

Here are some pictures of our crazy machine :

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  1. Funny setup, any idea on oil temperature while running ?

    • Oil temperature runs at 37 °C after 30 hours.


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