New 3d drawings DIY and industrial version

coupeAs you know we are working on an industrial version of rugged pod, but we’re also running to improve a DIY version.

We want to add a basket to insert motherbords like blade systems.

it allows to be able to extract all the electronics components with one move, but allows to take only one node if prefered.

The designs are not completely finished, but don’t hesitate to comment or post ideas !

Next week we will update the files with  data and power connectors on top (we are sourcing it).

You can find the 2 différents designs here:

STEP files: (you need a CAD software)

DIY version
Industrial version

Edrawing: (You need edrawing reader, available at this link

DIY version
Industrial version


DIY version
Industrial version

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  1. Can the drawings be posted in pdf?

    • Hi Jeff,
      it will be available tomorow for download !

  2. For 2D drawings, I’ll be a little late because we are choosing waterproff connectors and we want to add a controller card inside the case, so we need to change a bit the design.
    I think the drawings will be available later next week.
    You can download the eDrawings file to take a look, simply download the free reader to view.

    • Great thanks. I downloaded the reader and looking at both. I imagine there will be one or two harnesses coming out somewhere to get to power and IO. Fiber may be a better choice for IO to reduce the risk of potential differences between grounds (outside to inside or outside to outside…). Also with fiber perhaps the power and IO could be coupled together in the same harness since interference would be removed.

      To further the IO discussion… what are the thoughts on how to handle that? I’m thinking a central hub/switch distribution piece that can handle x number of Rugged Pods that can solve some of the management and other access pieces. It could even feed power using POE.

      Looks great so far.



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