RuggedPOD firmware and software

Firmware architecture

Our firmware relies on a debian distribution running on top of a Raspberry PI v2 hardware. It provides a state of the art web infrastructure with a global API to implement remote management services. It is also able to give remote console access by controlling a multiplexer connected to the Raspberry serial port. The user access is then performed through a javascript based console that emulates a VT102 terminal. Additionnal services like DHCP, TFTP and HTTP Proxy are also preconfigured to simplify Blade operating system deployment.

A new API on the way

Original RuggedPOD firmware implements a subset of Microsoft ReStAPI Management interface provided to the Open Compute Project community. Unfortunatly this interface raised some naming coherency concerned and we decided to end of life it, and go for a cleaner implementation with potential extensions like:

  • Blade Operating System deployment with PXE boot and a fully automated process
  • Software provisioning with plugable backend as to deploy applications on top of O/S
  • Users and permissions management through industry standard technologies
  • Multipods environment management
  • Monitoring functions extentions.

A technology standpoint

We use and design an automatic build process from a debian jessie release as to simplify and unify build process.

The remote management API is implemented using Python API based on the Flask microframework. Web UI is based on RactiveJS, Bootstrap and (used for serial remote console).

Integrated within Github and TravisCI, our build process is fully automated and based on Git Tag features. Ready to deploy images are available for download on Github.

Multi-Pod management

The multi Pod management infrastructure is an ongoing work, which aims to create a consolidated solution to end users which have to manage hundreds of POD through a single command interface. It will rely on a web Proxy API and share a single user database accross the global infrastructure.

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