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Imagination is more important than knowledge. A. Einstein

Jean-Jacques Chanut

Jean-Jacques (or JJ) is Rugged POD project leader. He can be reached at jjchanut(at)ruggedpod.qyshare.com.

Jean-Marie Verdun

Jean-Marie is RuggedPOD architect. He can be reached at vejmarie(at)ruggedpod.qyshare.com.

Farshia Kamaloudine

Farshia is electrical engineer on RuggedPOD. She can be reached at farshia(at)ruggedpod.qyshare.com

Xavier Hammond

Xavier is mechanical engineer and is happy to work on rugged pod project. He can be reached at xavier_h(at)ruggedpod.qyshare.com.

Thomas van liefde

Thomas is in charge of electronic design . He can be reached at thomas.vandliefde(at)ruggedpod.qyshare.com.

Maxime Terras

Maxime is full of ideas to implement mechanical drawings in do it yourself mode. He is of strong help to make alive our crazy ideas. He can be reached at maxime.terras(at)ruggedpod.qyshare.com.

Solofo Ramangalahy

Solofo is an HPC nerd. He dreams about a consumer version of RuggedPOD to have his personal HPC cluster. He can be reached at solofo(at)ruggedpod.qyshare.com

Pierre Padrixe

Pierre is firmware engineer on RuggedPOD. He can be reached at


Guillaume Giamarchi

Guillaume is designing RuggedPOD firmware, and is leading the web interface. He can be reached at


Benson Muite

Benson Muite is a research fellow in parallel and distributed systems at Tartu Ülikool. He has interests in high performance computing and the numerical simulation of partial differential equations. He can be reached at bensonrt(at)ruggedpod.qyshare.com

Giorgio Bonfiglio

Unconventional Network Engineer at Enter, Giorgio loves breaking things ! he can be reached at


Recent Blog Posts

Learn from the team members the latest about this project.

Let’s meet in the bay area on November 4th !

We are 5 days ahead of our bay area RuggedPOD meetup, and here is the agenda we worked on. If you see any additionnal subject that you would like to cover feel free to ping me. We have extended the meetup to 30 seats as we filled up pretty quickly. As a quick...

Welcome to the new backplane

What’s up with the backplane? We are currently designing a new version of the backplane. We are doing those change in order to have more space in the POD, using less cables , more power and being more self-efficient doing our own products. Our first change is our...

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