RuggedPOD, the road towards  bellow 1 $US / VM ( 1VCPU/1GB/20GB SSD)

RuggedPOD is an outdoor chassis and rackmount solution, which targets to lower as much as possible IaaS cost by removing the need to build expensive,

energy angry datacenters.Rediscover in this page datacenter evolution, and ask yourself which technology is the best for your business and our earth.

Here are the facts for a monthly rack of 10kW average energy price : 0.18 $US/kWh

$ wasted per month

PUE 1.4

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$ wasted per month

PUE 1.05

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$ wasted per month

PUE 1.02

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$ wasted per month

PUE 1.0

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800 – 1000 $US / rack

Traditionnal datacenter requires complex building which are dedicated to this activity.

Setting up the building could last during a couple of years, and cost a massive amount of money.

This technology is the most deployed in the world currently.

Building amortization is about 50% of the monthly rent cost for a rack, which can goes up to 500$US

The cooling system is using external chiller which are used to transfer heat between inside the computer room and the atmosphere. Inside the computer room CRAC units are used to exhaust heat produced by the server from the hot aisle and generate cool air to maintain reasonnable inlet temperature.

This system requires a lot of energy due to the high number of thermal transfer from the CRAC and chillers. Maintenance fees are also high due to the usage of humidity condenser, filters etc …

300-400 $US/rack

2 floors building without raised floor into the computer room. Building cost is still expensive even if the cooling system is simplified. Could be noisy due to its cooling technology.

Free cooling solution with low water usage. Water vapor is used to cool down inlet air, which can be recirculated or exhausted outside of the building. This technology doesn’t actively cool the air. It might require a high volume of inlet air. It still needs filters.

50-200 $US/rack (equivalent)

No expensive building. Just direct sun light protection roof with exhaust air capabilities, as well as lighting protection.

Can be setup everywhere, in cities or country side. ( recommended on building roof where winds is higher )

Natural convection. More floor space required, but easily available as no building are required.

10-50 $US/rack (equivalent)

No building requirement. Sun light protection and lighting is provided by natural solutions.

Natural convection, with enough spaces between the PODs.

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