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    Did I read correctly, under full load and 25C ambient, the stable temp rise was 35C? Betting this was indoors, so we cannot yet account for a breeze, nor for diurnal swings. total heat gain should be more like 15C once these are accounted for, true?
    Flash has a junction degradation problem over 50C, and disks become marginal at 45C. so for fun lets assume 45C is max operating temp, and 15C is the real gain. that puts us at 30C max exterior temp.
    Given that does not solve the problem at hand, can we simulate a lower power draw by the RuggedPodStorage, meaning if a pod is all storage and only enough compute to do I/O *Think HoneyBadger). We give 25W for the microserver, and 7W * 40 drives, yeilding 305W for StoragePod. I would be interested to see that simulation.

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